The Berg Picture Collection

About this Collection

The Berg Picture Collection contains more than 2700 photographs, mostly Newark street scenes, taken by Samuel Berg, MD between 1959 and 1968. Most of the photographs are street scenes of residential (houses) , commercial (stores), and factory sites all over Newark. There are many images of old buildings, of schools, parks, cemeteries, and churches. Some images are of Newark Airport, the Morris Canal, and the railroads

The full collection has been digitized. Try searching the name of your street and see what you find! 

# 18 to 26 Ferry Street, north side.
Emerie Decorator; liquor store; street light; street parked cars; asphalt street
#1 Hook & Ladder Fire House Lafayette & Mulberry NE cor
fire station; fire trucks; brick road
#1 Wallace St (left); #208 W. Market (right), then 212.
multi level building; garage; bay window
#10 Fire House NW cor Sherman and Astor
fire station; do not enter; american flag
#10 Sterling St
apartment building; street parked cars; fire escape
#10, 12 Green St, Edel Lab on left
multi level building; awning; sidewalk
#104 & 106 First St
cozy spot; luncheon; coca cola sign; 7up; r. merlucci; truck; roger's corner
#105 Roseville Ave. Sculptured bust on facade.? Mar 1959
Shoe service; street parked cars; beauty salon
#106 Hunterdon St
phillips baking; woman standing; empty lot
#106 W. Market S side
multi level house; fire escape; porch; villani; pal's; Barbershops
#108 N 7th St (#104 to left)
house; street parked cars; bare trees
#108-110-112 William St, S side
street parked cars; row of buildings; street parked cars
#109-107-105 (apts) -103 Third St
row of houses; bare trees; street parked cars
#113-111-109 W. Market looking NE from near SE cor Boston
west market exchange; truck; Bab's; street parked cars;
#115 Belmont- old frame house
street parked cars; Harlem club; clothing store; row of businesses
#1152 Broad
Barbershops; street parked cars; fire escape; sidewak
#117 Third St
house; porch; bare trees
#12 Central Avenue
trash can; street light; fire escape; multi level building