1960 Housing Census Data
Raw, unanalyzed 1960 housing data on tenancy by county and race, value of owner occupied housing by county and race, rents by county and race, number of units in rental structures, age of structures, and condition of housing by county and race.
ATTEND! Majority Response Rally
Flyer advertising the Majority Response Rally coordinated by Ernest Erber. The event, in the wake of urban civil disturbances of 1967, was meant to bring public attention to the importance of the state's cities in relation to the suburbs so that recommendations made by the New Jersey Civil Disorder Study Commission would be implemented without delay.
An Appeal to Responsible Citizenship
Advertisement run by the Committee of Concern to address racial tensions in Newark
Committee of Concern
Committee of Concern's organization and purpose and principal objectives
Correspondence, 'Gillent (Hunter),' Health and Welfare Council Incorporated, to Ernest Erber
Correspondence, from 'Gillent (Hunter)' to Ernest Erber commending Erber for coordinating the Majority Response Rally
Correspondence, Charles J. Irwin, NJ State Assemblyman, District 9, to Ernest Erber, Coordinator, Majority Response Rally
Correspondence from Assemblyman Charles J. Irwin to Ernest Erber regarding the Republican plans to finance capital construction, welfare, and other social programs
Correspondence, Ernest Erber to Gustav Heningburg, President, Greater Newark Urban Coalition
Invitation to the Greater Newark Urban Coaltion to join the Majority Response Rally as a sponsor
Correspondence, Ernest Erber to Rabbi Martin Freedman, American Jewish Congress
Correspondence from Ernest Erber, Coordinator of the Majority Response Rally, to Rabbi Martin Freedman, American Jewish Congress, regarding an invitation to the newly-formed New Jersey Council on Social Issues, and a reference made by the Regional Plan Association that the Majority Response Rally was an ineffective demonstration
Ernest Erber Curriculum Vitae
Ernest Erber Curriculum Vitae outlining career in planning, experiences in the Socialist Movement, teaching experience, publications, and Awards and Honors
Handbook for Citizen Fair Housing Advocacy
Handbook by Ernest Erber on fair housing, how advocates can be effective in influencing local applications of fair housing, what fair housing advocates should know about block grants for community development, what advocates should know about subsidized housing programs, the role of local housing authorities, the role of state housing authorities, information on Section 8 program, and Housing and Urban Development contracts with private builders