Gus Heningburg Collection

About this Collection

Born in Alabama, Gus Heningburg came to Newark as the President of the Greater Newark Urban Coalition in 1968. From that time, he was heavily involved in all kinds of activism in Newark especially housing; he arbitrated the Stella Homes Rent Strike. He was also active in the area of education.

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"Positively Black" Photo
Gustav Heningburg interviewing General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. (to Gus's left) and other Members of the Tuskegee Airmen circa 1991.
56 Unit Rental Housing Community
A letter to Gus Heningburg regarding a 56 unity rental housing community.
Affirmative Action
Newark Board of Education Affirmative Action policy and regulation.
Agreement, Waiver and Release
Agreement, waiver and release associated with Stella Wright Rent Strike signed by Charles Woods.
Agreement, Waiver and Release
Agreement, waiver and release associated with Stella Wright Rent Strike signed by William Rack
Agreements Reached Regarding the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry
Information on agreements reached between community and government negotiations regarding the New jersey college of Medicine and Dentistry and related matters.
Annual Report
Greater Newark Urban Coalition's first annual report.
Armand Corporation
A letter to Tony Gomes about the Armand Corporation acting as construction manager of the Newark Housing Authority.
Arthur Ashe and Tom Kean
A photo of Arthur Ashe and Tom Kean.
Black Owned Supermarket
Lorenzo Pryor, member of the Ebony Association, founded IGA Supermarket as president of Community Coordination Corp. The store was Newark's First black-owned and operated supermarket.
Black in New Jersey : 1950-1980
A report on the quality of life of New Jersey's African-American Population.
Brick Towers
A letter to residents of Brick Towers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Brick Towers Modernization Plan
A summary of the proposed Brick Towers modernization plan.
Brick Towers Preservation
A letter and enclosed documents to Mayor Sharpe James from Virginia Jones, President of the Brick Towers Tenants League, on the preservation of Brick Towers.
Brick Towers- An Opportunity to Participate in its Preservation
A memorandum to Donald Harris about Brick Towers.
Brief from Legal Services
A brief from Legal Services regarding Newark Coalition for Low Income Housing et al. v NHA and HUD, No. 89-1303.