Ironbound Community Corporation Collection

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Ironbound Community Corporation also has two newspapers in our collections in a separate location. Ironbound Voices (Environmental justice, Newark) and Tenant Action News .

The Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 that has provided services for families, seniors, and students, and has done organizing work on issues like housing, environmental justice, education, and health since the 1970s. In 2016, ICC sponsored an Ironbound History Day.

This collection consists of documents, photos, and videos about the work of ICC and the history of the Ironbound. See more photos at the ICC's digital exhibit Picturing Justice. See also: Rutger's HCLC student project Environmental Justice in the Ironbound.

This is a selection from a full collection which can be viewed at Newark Library's Van Buren Branch and at ICC.

"And Justice For All"
"And justice for all" celeberatory event, sponsored by Ironbound Community Corporation.
"Blind Justice"
Greenpeace and ICATW jointly wrote and produced a play called "Blind Justice", which called attention to the number of laws which had to be broken to build the garbage burner in Ironbound. The play was presented in the neighborhood and on the steps of the Essex County Courthouse.
"Ironbound Voices" Newspaper Party
Ironbound Community Corporation also published a tri-lingual newspaper "Ironbound Voices" (which is digitalized elsewhere at NPL). The paper was published from 1978 until 2001. This is a flyer for the celebration of its 7th year of publication.
2012 Summer Sum-up
Friends of Riverfront Park Summary Overview of evecnts and usage at the park.
2014 Summer Calendar for Riverfront Park
Summer Calendar for the programs and events at Riverfront Park 2014.
432 Lafayette St., Ironbound Community School Open Classroom building
Ironbound Community Learning Center also had several locations in the neighborhood. At one point, it was located in the Ballantine Brewery buildings. However, its "long term" location was at 432 Lafayette St., an old supermarket property. Here is a picture of the front of the building with the sign.
Abandoned Prudential Apartments Problems
This is a letter to Councilman Martinez detailing the problems with the abandoned building Prudential on Fleming Ave. which eventually was rehabbed and became the Aspen Riverpark Apartments . This was a petition which circulated.
Airplane Committee update
This is a letter from the "Airplane Committee" discussing the Airplane fight, and explaining the reasoning for community's protests.
Anti-Incinerator Song
Song lyrics written by Ray Korona who wrote an anti-incienrator song about Ironbound.
Archbishop Gumbleton Letter to IPEP
Letter from Thomas Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, a well known leader of a progressive Catholic group called the Quest for Peace.
Article about ICC's 15th Anniversary
Article describing ICC's 20th Anniversary events and programs.
Aspen Riverpark Apartments Letter to Management
This is a aletter to Aspen Riverpark Apartments from Judy Benders, President of the Tenant Association detailing problems at the building.
Aspen Riverpark Apartments Tenant Meeting Flier
For several decades, ICC advised the Tenant Association at Aspen Riverpark Apartments. This is a flier for a regular tenant meeting.
At Sea Proposal
Two page flier explaining At Sea Incineration's proposal to import 7.5 million gallons of deadly chemicls and burn them on a boat in in Newark Bay.
Automatic Rent Increase Workshop
A workshop about the Automatic Rent Increases, with accountant Milt Zisman, and tenant leaders, presented at the Seton Hall Law School, as a way for residents to educate themselves about Rent control laws.
Ballantine Development
This is a letter to Al Faiella, Newark Economic Development Corp, from the officers of the Fleming Ave.-Brill St. Blok Association. The letter states that the Block Association began in 1977 when the City threatened to declare a "blight designation" for all of that area. All of the homeowners and residents objected, fought the blight declaration, and won.
Board members 20th nniversary
This is page 9 of the 20th Anniversary Journal which lists the Board members at that time.