The Latino Oral History Collection

About this Collection

The Latino Oral History Collection is a curated collection compiled by the New Jersey Hispanic Resource and Information Center (NJHRIC). The current selection focuses on histories related to Newark, the city’s communities and major events. A complete list of the Puerto Rican Community Archives’ holdings of Latino Oral Histories can be found here. These additional interviews, covering broader themes and geographical areas of the State of New Jersey, will be made digitally available on the Newark Public Library’s (NPL) Digital Collections website in the near future. However, researchers who are interested in accessing a digitized interview from this list are welcome to contact the NJHRIC at to have that oral history fast-tracked to the website. Additional information and indexes on the archive’s oral history holdings can be accessed at NJHRIC’s Latino Oral History Collection website.

The Latino Oral Histories Collection presented here consists of interviews conducted by Rutgers University students, historians, and archivists who participated Dr. Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim’s “Documenting the Caribbean Community in New Jersey” project, the bulk of which were conducted in the late 1980s. At this point, all the interviews that have been uploaded here are related to Newark, but some of the larger thematic subjects of the collection include discrimination, ASPIRA, Inc. of New Jersey, education, and migration from Puerto Rico. A Note to researchers: A significant portion of the oral histories were conducted in Spanish, however English-language item descriptions are used to facilitate uniformity.