"Drug Free Zones"
Drug free zones extend within a 100-1000 foot radius of a school, park, or place frequented by school age children. Within a drug free school zone, the penalties for drug use and sale are greater. This map indicates the locations of all schools and parks in city and the corresponding size of drug free zones.
"Emergency Directory - Newark Health Council"
WWII map of all hospitals, first aid stations, shelters, a morgues in city - for use in air raids a Axis attacks on city
"Essex County Transit Guide: A comprehensive guide to local and regional public transit services in the county"
Bus, transit, and subway map of all services within Essex County. Map insets of Downtown Newark, the Newark area, and estimated travel times between various locations
"Essex County: The Gateway County
Map of Essex County produced by county government, indicating locations of various public parks and county owned roads
"Geyer Development Owned Property"
Map of Newark tax lots boued by McCarter Highway to east, James Street to south, Nesbitt to west, a Lackawanna Railroad to north
"Landmarks of Historic or Architectural Interest"
Map of NRHP landmarks in downtown Newark