"Map of Property belonging to P.T. Doremus & H.M. Rhodes situated in the Eighth Ward of the City of Newark, NJ."
Map describes the division and sale of farmland in the vicinity of the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue and Summer Avenue
"Map of Rose Villa in Newark, NJ"
Map of a farmstead in Newark between Roseville Avenue and North Thirteenth Streets. This land was subdivided and resold as individual housing plots about 30 feet wide each in 1910.
"Map of the City of Newark Showing Building Zones"
Zoning map of all regions of city showing various building zones for: residential, business, & commercial
"Map of the City of Newark in the State of New Jersey"
Street map of Newark indicating the design and paths of city parks, the names of city streets, and the locations of railroads. Locations of buried pipe sewers and brick sewers are also indicated in dotted and solid lines respectively. Existing and proposed streets are also indicated, along with the boundaries of the fire departments.