"Map of the City of Newark, NJ"
Fire insurance map of Newark in 1850, with all buildings outlined and all major property owners indicated with annotations. This is likely the oldest insurance map in the NPL collection. The next oldest insurance map is from 1868.
"Map of the City of Newark, New Jersey"
Ward map of Newark with proposed redevelopment scheme for the Newark meadowlands
"Map of the Comprehensive Plan as filed in the offices of the secretaries of state at Albany NY and Trenton NJ. In compliance with Chapter 43 laws of New York, 1922, Chapter 9 laws of New Jersey and the resolution of congress approving of the plan and aut
Map of the New York Metro area and the boundaries of the Port Authority's jurisdiction, indicating proposed highways, electric lines, and railroad extensionss in red, blue, and brown respectively.
"Map of the Newark Area - by the Newark Chamber of Commerce"
Street map of Newark with insets for ward maps, downtown area, and Port Newark, much of map is covered by the advertising of prominent Newark companies: S. Klein, Kresge, etc.
"Map of the Peck Property - 11th Ward, Newark, NJ"
Map of a farmstead in Newark in the vicinity of Roseville Avenue and Warren Street (later renamed West Market). Farmstead is bounded to west by East Orange and to south by the present-day location of UMDNJ. This land was subdivided and resold as individual housing plots about 30 feet wide each.
"Meadowlands - Industrial River Project"
Map of Newark meadowlands along Passaic River - with land to be acquired for construction of interestate parkway. See map number NP1 for plans of highway.
"Meadowlands Reclamation Commission - Comrehensive Plan - Development of Marsh and Meadowlands in and near Newark Bay for Highway System"
Map of existing, proposed, and in-progress highways and drainage plans in Newark meadowlands. Extensive and detailed street map extends from Raritan River in south to George Washington Bridge in north.