"Newark College of Medicine a Dentistry"
Map of Central Ward neighborhoods to be demolished for construction of UMDNJ, post Newark riots
"Newark: A great commercial and industrial city"
Map of Newark with insets for panoramic view of downtown Newark and map of the central shopping district. Accompanying descriptions describe the attractiveness of the city to outside investment and its proximity to port, airport, rail, and various amenities.
"Parks and Parkways for City of Newark New Jersey"
Color coded map iicating locations of existing a proposed city parks
"Plan of Proposed Passaic Lake - Designed for flood contorl, eocnomic utilization of the Passaic River, and sanitation of the channel of the Lower Passaic"
Map of proposed reservoir lake along the course of the Passaic River, located between the towns of Little Falls in the north and Chatham in the south. Indicates areas to be flooded by the project, effected acreage, and locations of re-routed roads & railroads.
"Plot Information"
Map of property lines and structures in vicinity of McCarter Highway - in anticipation of urban renewal for construction of McCarter Highway and Gateway Center