"Deplorable Conditions" of HUD managed Properties in Newark
A letter from Lorraine Lavender to Walter Kreher of the HUD Newark Office expressing her discontent with HUD managed properties in Newark.
13% Rent Increase at Georgia King Village
Letter regarding a 13% rent increase at Georgia King Village.
469 Elizabeth Avenue
Letters from attorney Adam Zipkin on behalf of tenants at 469 Elizabeth Ave regarding building conditions.
A Housing Crisis in the County of Essex
Program for a Greater Newark HUD Tenants Coalition Conference.
Activities of Spruce Park Tenants' Association
Letter to inform community representatives of the activities of the Spruce Park Tenants' Association.
Addis E. Brooks
Funeral program for Addis E. Brooks, Newark Tenants Coalition organizer.
Additional Security Deposit
Documents from Patrica Herbert regarding a request she got for an additional security deposit and about a rent increase.
Amadou Diallo
Letter to senators regarding the Amadou Diallo Case.
Amity Village I & II Guide to Relocation Benefits
A guide to benefits available for families living in Amity Village I & II who must begin making plans to relocate due to demolition of housing.
Amity Village I and Amity Village II
Letter regarding the redevelopment plan of Amity Village I and Amity Village II.
Ann Scott's Statement
Typed and hand written statement of Newark resident and HUD tenant Ann Scott regarding support for legislation to benefit tenants.
Apartment Repair Lists
10 Nuttman St. Apartment repair lists.
Application for a Larger Rental Unit
Letter regarding an tenant's request for a larger unit.
April 2000 Lead Safety Report
Newark Partnership for Lead Safe Children April 2000 report by Lorie Coxson of the Greater Newark HUD Tenant's Coalition.
Become an Expert on Lead Poisoning
Flier for a lead poising prevention training workshop hosted by New Jersey Citizen Action & Citizen Policy and Education Fund of New Jersey.
Benefit Concert -Tenants In Action
Press release regarding a benefit concert for Tenants In Action to be heled at Essex County College sponsored by the HUD Tenants' Coalition, The Newark Coalition for low-income Housing and the Metropolitan Ecumenical Ministry.
Bettie Hagan
Documents related to a Notice to Cease sent to Bettie Hagan.
Black History Awareness Program
Letter regarding a Black History Awareness Program hosted by the One Essex Plaza Tenants Association.