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Subsidized housing for senior citizens 2004: Essex County
Louis Cooper
[Various items pertaining to Stella Wright Homes Revitalization Project]
Landlord-Tenant Relationship
Request for Funds
Housing Authority City of Newark: changing the face of public housing: progress report 1995-1996
NHA projects: historic data
West Side of the 80's Neighborhood Planning Conference
The Newark Redevelopment and Housing Authority 1974 annual report
There's a new era dawning at… Columbus Homes
A Forum
We Need Emergency Housing in Newark
Housing Authority Project Locations
Institute for Community Design Analysis
The Office of Newark/Metropolitan Studies
Newark: It Ain't Dead,  Yet
Prospects for new low-middle income cooperative housing in Newark
Hi Neighbor! Got a Spare Place to sleep?
What Will the New Newark Housing Codes Mean To You?
Ending Discrimination in Private Housing