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Barringer High School Yearbook - Page 36
Malcolm X Shabazz Yearbook - Page 31
Chrispus Attucks Day Proclamation
Shirley Chisholm
Mayor Hugh J. Addonizio The One For All
Celebrating 60 Years
35th Annual Awards dinner of The Community Service Committee Essex- West Hudson Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
LeRoi and His Toy
Mildred Crump: She Will Make a difference in City Government.
Letter from Governor Byrne to Connie Woodruff
Amiri Baraka Celebrates 75 Years
Peshine Paradise
A N.J. Recognition Souvenir: Black Woman's Voice
Letter from the White House.
A Special Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Our Woman of the Year: Connie Woodruff
Stand up for Newark Now!
The 42nd Annual Founders' Day Brunch
Carter & Mondale
Amiri Baraka Birthday Celebration