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"It's All Happening": Newark, New Jersey
$1.5 Billion Development Project Opens Door to Newark's Bright Future
19 Lyons Avenue Urban Renewal, Inc.
1991 City Livability Award Newark, New Jersey
1991 City Livability Awards Presented to Ten Mayors in San Diego at Conference of Mayors' Annual Meeting; Newark, N.J. and Provo, Utah, are First-Place Winners
1998 New Good Neighbor Awards Luncheon
2002 Comparable Equalized Tax Rate
2002 Management and Financial Plan
2002 Operating Budget
2003 Management and Financial Plan
2004 Highlights in 2004 Mayor Proposed Budget
2004 Management and Financial Plan
25th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival
26th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival
325th Anniversary Celebration 1666-1991
325th Anniversary Celebrations
555 Elizabeth Avenue
611 Martin Luther King Boulevard
A Celebration of Newark's Culture
A Report Card on Newark's Mayoral Candidates