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Daniel S. Anthony
Bergen Street School. Exercises after Fire Drill #2
Unidentified photo
Fifteenth Avenue School Girls in March Drill - Sesquicentennial Parade.
Weequahic High School. Printing
Weequahic High School
Special Exercise Class for Correction of Physical Defects
Peshine Avenue School. Playground. Junior Navy
Burnet Street School
Peshine Avenue School. First Grade. Blackboard Writing.
Madison Junior High School. Perspective, Southwest Corner
Sunbathing. Coe's Place Center
Belmont Avenue School. Crippled Children at Play
Burnet Street School
Student Soldiers at Work in Wood-working Shop at Boys' Vocational School
Point and pas-de-bourr�. Barringer High School Gym
Lafayette School. Open Window Class Room
Classroom with audio equipment
West Side High School. Front Perspective