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"Latinos and the Dropout Crisis: The Community Solution"
"Let's Organize an Interracial Committee"
"Little Jean" at Kenny Memorial Hospital
"Northeast Hispanic Needs: A Guide for Action - Volume 1"
"Northeast Hispanic Needs: A Guide for Action - Volume 2"
"Not Alms but Opportunity"
"Plot Information"
"Pro" Boxing
"Progress and Prospects in the Latino Community: Implications for Grantmaking"
"Reducing Unemployment" Lecture and Voices Inc. Benefit
"Relationship, Speech, and Play in Children: Their Theoretical and Practical Meanings to a Social Worker" by Amilkar Velez-Lopez
"Socio-Economic Profile of N.J.'s Puerto Ricans" – Puerto Rican Congress of New Jersey, Inc.
"Status Report on Hispanic Initiatives"
"Status Report on Hispanic Initiatives"
"Thank God it's Friday" - A Super Disco Freakout
"The Bradley Case," by Amilkar Velez-Lopez
"The Education of Hispanics in the United States Today: Illustrative Findings"
"Transforming today's vision into tomorrow's reality: HOPE VI Steering Committee meeting June 23, 2004
"Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again"