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"Boundary Map of Newark Colleges Expansion Project"
"Meadowlands - Industrial River Project"
"Newark Colleges Expansion Project"
"Penn Station Plaza Area: Block Areas & Assessments"
"Preliminary Subdivision Plat for Educational Center"
"Property Map of Hill Street Urban Renewal Project"
"Property Map of Newark Colleges Expansion Project"
"Proposed Newark Freeway System"
"Proposed Plan - Central Ward Light Industrial Project - as originally proposed by the redeveloper"
"Proposed Plan - Central Ward Light Iustrial Project - as proposed with modifications by the Newark Housing Authority"
"Public Hearing Area"
"South Broad Urban Renewal Project"
"Staging of Redevelopment Projects"
"Transforming today's vision into tomorrow's reality: HOPE VI Steering Committee meeting June 23, 2004
"United Hospitals Urban Renewal Project"
"United Hospitals Urban Renewal Project"
"Urban Renewal Progress Map"
"Urban Renewal Progress Map"
5 decades of service
5,580 paper houses: housing plans