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"A map of Newark with areas where different nationalities predominate"
358 N. 7th St, James Lardier St. w/ mother Rosina and brother Joe
Alfredo Mattia wedding
Angelo Giordano
Angelo M. Mattia and Joe Sileo
Angelo Maria Mattia
Angelo Mattia at Essex County Insane Asylum
Angelo and Mary
Angelo, Mary and three children
Antonio Lanza, unknown woman, Martin Lanza, on Delancey St
Billy Martucci, Bernardino Martuccio, Clifford St., Billy’s confirmation
Carlotta Mattia (nee Palmieri)
Carlotta P. and Peter B. Mattia
Carlotta Palmieri
Carmela Martucci Lanza, age 93
Carmella Lanza and parents
Carmella Martucci and Michael Lanza wedding
Drummers in Columbus Day Parade
Effie Mattia (nee Kellenberger) and friends
Eleventh Annual Holocaust Observance: Italians and the Holocaust