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Central High School. Site of Radio Station WBGO (88.3 FM) owned & operated by Newark Board of Education
Art Department Lawrence St.
Radio Station WBGO Central High School Award Presentations
Radio Workshop (Before WBGO). Mrs. Freund and cast (Irving Pyatt, Richard Marashlian & )
Weequahic High School. Amateur Radio Station (government-licensed)
Senior Citizens in Action, UCC Radio
Raul Alarcon, Jr. and Adriano Garcia holding an award
Man speaking into a microphone
Group at an Event
Two men with an award from the Spanish Broadcasting System, WSKQ New York, KSKO Los Angeles, honoring Ronald Reagan "For being a champion of liberty and defender of democracy in Latin America"
Radio Unica
Wado New Talk Sports
Malin Falu and A Kilsi
Diego Castellanos
Eduardo Gonzalez Rubio
South Tenth Street Radio
WAAT: We Stride the Land
WAAT: Music in the Newark Schools--South 8th Street School
Radio WBGO Central High School