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Amiri Baraka Celebrates 75 Years
Amiri Baraka and Sonia Sanchez at Symphony Hall
Women's Day Celebration
Martin's Dream: Building Successful Coalitions
La Tribuna Distinguished Men, 2005
Carlin Chronology
Addonizio Chronology
NAACP New Jersey State Conference of Branches Dinner
9th Annual Newark "Feast of the Three Kings" A Day of Culture, Love and Rejoicing
Newark Art Club
"Over There"
Greater Newark Mobilization Committee New Jersey Anti- Apartheid Mobilization Coalition
25th Pastoral Anniversary
Property Owners Dinner Dance
Annual Election of Post Officers
Pre-Millennium Celebration
Rev. William D. Watley  Farewell Celebration Service
The 1980 Black Achievers Banquet
December Activities
Tenants In Action Benefit Concert