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35th Annual Awards dinner of The Community Service Committee Essex- West Hudson Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
Home Going Celebration for Sister Clara Little
In Loving Memory of Marie A. Bagby
James M. Baxter Terrace: A Souvenir Book of Love
Remembering Newark's Religious Leaders
54th Anniversary of Metropolitan Baptist Church
The Reverend John W. P. Collier, Jr.
TEAM Mixer
Re- Elect Charles A. Bell
Ras Baraka Challenges Sharpe James to Debate
Addonizio Letter
Sharpe James Biography
Vote to Finish the Blueprint
Ghetto Man
Compare then Decide
John A. Thomas' speech to the Municipal Council
Calvin West Hugh Addonizio Flier
Service of Triumph and Victory for Donald K. Tucker
Four Count Indictment for Larrie Stalks
George Richardson: The Spoiler