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“Acróstico al Héroe Alexis Massol González” por Amilkar Velez-Lopez
“A Study of the Puerto Rican Community in Paterson” by Amilkar Velez-Lopez
Tito Puente
Raymond Pagan, sub-treasurer, Jose Rosario, coordinator, Tony Perez, President of Puerto Rican Political Association
Puerto Rican swearing in ceremony at the Hispano America Lodge, including Rafael Herrera
Puerto Rican Parade of Jersey City, including Jim McGreevey
Photo of drawing representing Cuban culture
Paterson Task Force for Community Action, Inc.: Annual Report
Paterson Annual Report
Pageant Girls
Map: Areas of High Puerto Rican Concentration, as Indicated by School Enrollment
Letters of Recommendation for Municipal Court Judge Appointment
Jose Toro
Group of Men at an Event
Group holding flags
Group at an Event
Borinquen Softball League
Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony
Artwork by Juan Sanchez