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"Estudios Étnicos, Pluralismo Cultural y Poder" por Dr. Eduardo Seda Bonilla
"Five Cities High School Dropout Study: Characteristics of Hispanic High School Students"
"Five Cities High School Dropout Study: Focus on Parents"
"Latinos and the Dropout Crisis: The Community Solution"
"Let's Organize an Interracial Committee"
"The Education of Hispanics in the United States Today: Illustrative Findings"
A Digest of Newark School Conditions
A Mass Meeting on the Newark Public Schools
A New Decade, A New Leader, New Challenges
A Report on Newark Public Schools
ASPIRA // Statewide Youth Conference
ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence
ASPIRA Project B.E.A.M 10 (New York)
ASPIRA of New York Mission and Goals
ASPIRA/AmeriCorps, National Community Service Program
Abdush Shahid Ahmed
Address to the Board of Education