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"Bus Routes Essex County Area"
"Bus Routes Inner Newark Area"
"Essex County: The Gateway County
"Long Range Plan for Mass Transit & Commuter Rail Lines Converging in Newark"
"Map Showing the Several Bouaries of Essex County from its Erection in 1682 to the Present Time"
"Map of Essex County, New Jersey - with the names of property holders, etc.
"Map of Essex County, New Jersey"
"Map of the Comprehensive Plan as filed in the offices of the secretaries of state at Albany NY and Trenton NJ. In compliance with Chapter 43 laws of New York, 1922, Chapter 9 laws of New Jersey and the resolution of congress approving of the plan and aut
"The Newark City Plan Commission - map of the metropolitan district showing intercommunity radial thoroughfares"
"Urban Atlas - tract date for standard metropolitan statistical areas - Newark NJ census data"
"Vacant Land Zoned for Industry, Port Newark Area, prepared for sites sub committee Newark Economic Development Committee"
2002 Comparable Equalized Tax Rate
A Message from the City Council
Bill for reimbursement of cost incurred by the City of Newark, for housing Essex County prisoners �
Carter & Mondale
Correspondence - Outgoing
Election Manual: Methods of Voting
Essex/Union County Auto Theft Task Force
Gibson Seeks Legislation to Require Counties to Reimburse Municipalities for Holding County Prisoners
Hall of Records