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#126 and 128 First St
#2 to 20 Orange St, Seidler Chemical Co.
#23 -27 Centre St E of Military Park
#46-56 Edison Pl looking SW
#663 and 665 McCarter Hwy.
254 Elizabeth Ave bet Runyon & Concord, site Alms H.
Academy Plating Co #52-60 First St, W side
Bldgs along E side McCarter Hwy looking NE from Firehouse #1 Centre Street
City Subway looking S from Orange St
Division St looking W from Spring St, #39-31-21
E side Lillie looking NE from SW cor 18th Avenue
E side Sheridan looking NE from Railroad
E side Washington looking NE to Marshall from SW cor Govenor 1960
Engelhardt Industries, Austin Street
Frame Copy--"Making a Bomber"
Frame Copy--"U.S. News Review"
Lackawanna Pl looking W from Broad to Westinghouse on Plane
Looking E along Hamilton St (CRR viaduct) corner Columbia St
Looking N on Kearney from E. Day, Orange_x000D_