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"Repertorio Espanol"
#121 Bank St looking NE
#755 & 751 High St
#761 & 757/759 High St
60th anniversary Cafe Bustelo
A group of people, including Ed Koch, Rafael Toro, Joe Toro, and Eliu Rivera, at Gracie Mansion for a Three Kings Day celebration hosted by Goya Foods
A man working with a machine
A. Harry Moore Laboratory School
AT&T Event
Actors depicting a scene
Actors depicting a scene
Ada Moran
Alexander Honn
Alina Interian
Alter boys Street Procession
Amaryllis Carames and Adonis Portillo
Amy B. Mansue
Anam Meinar
Angelo Cortinos
Anibal Torres and Gonzalo Jimenez Posada