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"Atlantic Port Railway Corp. Main Line Location Map"
"Aviation Planning Division - Newark International Airport Layout Plan"
"Newark International Airport Operational Plan"
"Port Newark General Information Map"
"Port Newark a Elizabeth Port Authority Marine Terminals"
"Port of Newark - Newark Bay a Passaic River - showing channels a facilities from Union County Line to Belleville, NJ"
"Property Plan of Federal Shipbuilding a Drydock Co. Shipyard at Port Newark"
"Ship via Port of New York: World's Greatest Port"
"The Port Authority of New York Port District Railroad Terminal Map"
"The Port of New York Authority - New York Harbor Terminals
"The Port of Newark - where waterways, railways, highways, and airways meet"
"Vacant Land Zoned for Industry, Port Newark Area, prepared for sites sub committee Newark Economic Development Committee"
Agreement Between the Mayor and Municipal Council for the Allocation of 2002 Port Authority Rent Payment of $100M
Good News/ Bad News!
Letter About Car Thefts On Port Authority Land
Mayor Backs Port Authority and Opposes City Council Lawsuit
Newark City Council Continues Its Civil Suit Against the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Port Newark
Proposed fiscal relief for 2002 Newark Municipal Budget to avert layoffs and fiscal crisis