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Action 70!
Basta La Represion // Freedom is a Constant Struggle
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win // Make That Move, Fight Racism // Dykes Against Racism Everywhere
Encourage // Lesbianism
Equal Partnership in Marriage
Fat Can Be Beautiful
God Created Women in Her Own Image
Hands Off // Private Property
Heterosexism Can Be Cured!
I Deserve: Love // To Be Trusted // Sexual Pleasure // Friendship // Happiness // Freedom // Respect
International Woman's Day '82 // March 6, 1982
Justice Does Not Prevail Where Prejudice Exists
Lesbiana y Contenta
National Puerto Rican March for Justice // Oct. 4, 1986, Wash. D.C. // NCPRR
No One is Free, When Others Are Oppressed // [union bug] 461
Orgullo // Respeto
Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Women
Practice Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty
Racism is a Social Disease