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#106 Hunterdon St
#7 N 5th St, near NE cor Central Ave & W. Market, empty lot where Harry J. Stevens had outdoor movie. Mar 1959
82 N 7th St
88 N 6th St Pingry House
Bergen St, looking W, from 50 yards N of Cabinet St
Brownstone outcrop N side Branford Pl near Springfield, looking NW
Clean Up Drive
E  side Howard looking  N from Morton
E side Howard St. looking N from SW corner of Court
E side Hudson St looking SE from Hartford St, 152-156
E side Hunterdon looking SE from NW cor Fairview
E side Morris looking SE from NW cor Cabinet
E side Thomas looking SE from Cemetery
E side West St looking N from SW cor Morton St
Hillock on SW cor First and New Sts.
Kirk Pl looking E from Lawrence St
Looking E from roof City Hospital, leveled area Cabinet to 12th, Bergen to Morris
Looking N at E side N 5th St from 2nd Ave W, 519-517-515
Looking N at Rutgers St from 13th Ave
Looking NE at E side Duryee St #26