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 Central High School Yearbook January 1962
 Sightseeing in Newark / photographed by John H. Dunnachie. [This is Newark]. [Newark's 300th anniversary parade]
"A Riot or 'Criminal Insurrection'"
"And Justice For All"
"As It Is"
"Blind Justice"
"Break The Chains"
"He's a winner" Gibson for Governor
"Ironbound Voices" Newspaper Party
"It's All Happening": Newark, New Jersey
"Little Jean" at Kenny Memorial Hospital
"Plot Information"
"Pro" Boxing
"Reducing Unemployment" Lecture and Voices Inc. Benefit
"Thank God it's Friday" - A Super Disco Freakout
"Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again"
"Unidad de lose Puertorriquenos con fines de Progreso"
$1.5 Billion Development Project Opens Door to Newark's Bright Future
19 Lyons Avenue Urban Renewal, Inc.
1950 United States Census population data of Newark, N.J. by census tracts