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"Cronica de una Muerte Anunciada" promotional photo
"Deplorable Conditions" of HUD managed Properties in Newark
"El Sol Sale Para Todos"
"Farm map of the Townships of Bloomfield and Belleville Essex County N.J."
"Five Cities High School Dropout Study: Focus on Parents"
"International Uncle Tom"
"La Faraona"
"Latinos and the Dropout Crisis: The Community Solution"
"Let's Organize an Interracial Committee"
"Los Enredados de Una Casa"
"M" on a staircase
"Not Alms but Opportunity"
"Over There"
"PACCNJ Membership Awards 16 September 2003"
"Positively Black" Photo
"Repertorio Espanol"
"Sensational Soul Cruisers"
"The Education of Hispanics in the United States Today: Illustrative Findings"