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"Transforming today's vision into tomorrow's reality: HOPE VI Steering Committee meeting June 23, 2004
"Wake Up America" It Can Happen Here
12th St.
1962 tenth annual report of the Newark Human Rights Commission, submitted to Hugh J. Addonizio, Mayor, and the Newark Municipal Council
5 decades of service
5,580 paper houses: housing plans
A Part of the American Dream for All
A Public Leactuur Series
A Question to Mayor Addonizio
A new management system for operating low-rent housing programs in Newark, New Jersey: part I--technical & management, October 26, 1971
A preliminary report on parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities and schools for Newark, New Jersey
A preliminary report on past, present and probable future population for Newark, New Jersey: no. 3 of a series
A preliminary report on the proposed Military Park garage for Newark, New Jersey
A report on a long range capital expenditure program and administration policy and practice for Newark, New Jersey
A social and economic survey of the Belmont Site (Site III)
Accident reports
Accident reports