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“The Puerto Rican Migration / Puerto Rico Siempre en Nuestro Corazón” by Amilkar Velez-Lopez
“The Lower Status Puerto Rican Families” by Dr. Joseph Bram
“Statistical Background of the Puerto Rican Communities in New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico”
“Speech Upon Receiving the Latin America Law Students Association Ricardo Esquivel Award” by Amilkar Velez-Lopez
“Some Very Brief Historical Facts on Puerto Rico”
“Reglas del Juego de Domino ‘Giñi-Giñi’” por Amilkar Velez-Lopez
“El Inquilino y el Propietario de Casa / Edificios”
“Dinámicas de Matrimonios” - Foundation for a Better World, Inc., St. Augustine Rectory
“An Analysis on the Factors Impeding the Education of Lower-Class Children” by Norma Radin
“Alienation and the Puerto Ricans,” by anonymous
‘“Thorough and Efficient’ Public School Education for Puerto Rican Children in New Jersey” – Puerto Rican Consortium for a Thorough and Efficient Education
Y.M.C.A. International Institute Training
Women walking with flags
Women on a parade float
Woman in a turquoise blouse, with two children, in front of Newark City Hall
Woman in a parade in a white dress with Cuban flag lapel pin
Woman at a parade
Woman at a Parade
Winner of a beauty pageant receives a plague
William Q. Sanchez, Jeanette Ojeda, representative for Goya Foods, and a group of young scholarship winners.