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Franotie Washington
Hortense Powell
Negro Education in the Public Schools of Newark, NJ During the 19th Century
Race and Hispanic Origin for Selected Large Cities : Earliest Census to 1990
Propaganda, Censorship, and Book Drives: The Newark Public Library in World War I
Beatrice Winser: Librarian, Museum Director, and Advocate for Women’s Equality
A Day in the Life of Newark Students (originally a PPT slideshow)
Extracts from the Minutes of the Synod of the NJ Presbyterian Church
The Ironbound District
Sandra West Funeral Program
A Report To The New Jersey Legislature
Trinity Cemetery Correspondence (NJPAC Site)
75 Years of Dignified Service to the Community
Tiny Prince (Carl Brinson) Resume
Letters (correspondence)
Letters (correspondence)
Pilar Fernado Lavin, family, Independance Park
The Puerto Ricans in Newark, New Jersey
Conditions in the Hispanic Community